Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is composed of investment professionals with a breadth of backgrounds and experiences. Each one brings special insights and expertise to the management of client assets. They work in sub-committees to manage each investment strategy we offer and come together to make decisions regarding each investment strategy and each client’s individual asset allocation. And each quarter, the entire committee reviews each client’s asset allocation to ensure their plans reflect the most current economic factors and market environment as well as is properly aligned to the client’s unique situation. As further proof of our commitment to our clients’ success, we invest our own assets alongside theirs. Unlike many firms, at First Long Island Investors, we put our money where our advice is.

Robert D. Rosenthal
Chairman, CEO, CIO
Ralph F. Palleschi
President, COO
Bruce A. Siegel
EVP, General Counsel
Philip W. Malakoff
Exec. Managing Director, Director of Research
Edward C. Palleschi
Exec. Managing Director
Brian Gamble, CFP®
SVP - Private Wealth Management
Wesley Llado, CFA®
VP - Private Wealth Management
Dylan Klein
AVP - Private Wealth Management
Alexia Yaziciyan
AVP - Portfolio Administration
Virginia A. Umbreit
In Memoriam
  • Joseph T. Libretti
    Junior Investment Analyst