A life of wealth. A wealth of life.


At First Long Island Investors, we believe that a life of wealth should be a life enjoyed to the fullest, confident in the knowledge that you have made the right financial decisions.

Our extensive experience has taught us that such confidence is not achieved merely by the possession of wealth. Rather, it requires the expertise of a team of financial professionals with deep understanding of each client’s personal situation and vision for the future. And something more: an unshakeable commitment to our core principles of trust, service, and performance.

For nearly 35 years, wealthy individuals, families, and select institutions have gained, from our unique perspective on wealth, the confidence that comes from having an experienced team supporting them. FLI oversees approximately 1.5 billion dollars in assets of individuals, families, select institutions and philanthropic organizations.  Additionally, our founders lead investment committees overseeing approximately $10 billion of endowment assets.

Our minimum commitment for new clients is $5 million.