First Long Island Investors.
Where peace of mind lives.

Here’s where your financial well-being is priority one, backed by integrity, ethics and a passion for helping clients for 40 years. Where sound financial strategies create a solid basis upon which to grow wealth, for today and generations to come.

Where we take a side-by-side approach, building our own assets alongside yours. Where relationships grow with your assets, because you’re so much more than just your portfolio.

First Long Island Investors is where you belong.

Trust. Service. Performance. Since 1983.

  • Our investment team oversees approximately $1.9 billion in assets of individuals, families, select institutions and philanthropic organizations
  • Our founders lead investment committees overseeing in excess of $15 billion of charitable institution assets
  • We take a long-term approach to investing and wealth management, with the goal of preserving and growing each client’s net worth
  • We utilize a diversified investment approach designed to yield positive returns after inflation while reducing risk and volatility
  • The minimum commitment for new clients is $5 million

Let’s build your wealth together—with confidence and the peace of mind you deserve.