Trust is the foundation of all meaningful relationships.

And our clients trust us to help them manage their wealth through a breadth of life experiences and investment environments. In fact, several of our clients have been with us for decades, spanning multiple generations.

We’ve earned our clients’ trust in a unique way:

By investing our own assets alongside theirs.
So when we say we understand our clients’ goals,
it is because we share them ourselves.

At First Long Island Investors,
we put our money where our advice is.


We are an employee-owned, boutique wealth management firm founded on a service ethic that puts our clients at the center of everything we do. You’ll feel that from your first visit to our office.

Each client is made to feel like the newest member of the family, not merely a new set of assets to be managed. Your First Long Island client team will have one goal: to support you with the expertise to responsibly and professionally manage your wealth.

And every client has access to and receives the benefit of our most senior team members.

From sophisticated money management to full family office services, and everything in between, we pride ourselves on being not merely your wealth managers but your partners  in achieving a wealth of life.


To us, performance is a very simple concept: provide every client with the resources, expertise,  investment guidance, and confidence to live their life of wealth to the fullest.

Simple to state. Hard to do.

In fact, it requires the knowledge, insight, intelligence, and judgment of experienced financial professionals.

Our process begins with an in-depth analysis of a client’s total holdings and an understanding of his or her goals. Then we build a customized asset allocation recommendation which takes into consideration the client’s risk tolerance, liquidity preferences, current income needs, and time horizon. From here, we make our specific strategic recommendations to each client, who has the ultimate say on the recommended investment plan.

The entire First Long Island Investors Investment Committee reviews each client’s strategy and allocations every quarter to assure ourselves that individual plans are based on current macro-economic factors and market environment, and reflect any recent changes in the client’s personal situation.

If this sounds unusually rigorous, it is.