Who We Serve

There are only so many ways a person can become wealthy. And over the years, we have been at the side of clients who have come into their wealth in every one of them. For some, wealth came from the sale of a business or real estate. For others, wealth was accumulated over many years through long and successful careers. Others have inherited their wealth, while others have become wealthy when a spouse dies or through a divorce settlement.

Of course, we all know that money doesn’t buy happiness. But no matter how they achieve it, wealthy people are often surprised that it doesn’t buy the kind of wealth management expertise they expected. This, too, we have seen over the years, as clients have come to us due to dissatisfaction with another advisor.

Our team believes that the special culture of First Long Island Investors, built on the pillars of trust, service, and performance, makes us uniquely capable of investing and managing your wealth to provide for a wealth of life.