We believe in a long-term approach to investing and wealth management, with the goal of preserving and growing each client’s net worth. To achieve that goal we utilize an investment approach designed to yield positive after-tax returns while minimizing risk and volatility. This approach has been developed, refined, and constantly tested over the years, providing a touchstone for our clients and guiding principles for our team.

But an investment approach alone, no matter how sophisticated, is not enough to create a successful plan customized for each client. This essential financial expertise must be combined with an understanding of the unique individuals who are our clients. Which is why we continually strive to maintain meaningful and effective communication with each of our clients.

As an example, each client is invited to meet with his or her entire investment team regularly throughout the year. We are also proactive in reaching out to clients to find out about and address anything that might have arisen in the client’s life since our last meeting. And we make our thoughts, perspective, and insights known in written reports, through regular web seminars, through our FLI Insights, and through news regarding our myriad philanthropic and educational interactions within our community.

In short, we attempt to create a family office environment in which our clients feel confident that important information is being conveyed openly and freely, with absolute confidentiality.