Strategic Asset Allocation

We have developed a specialized set of strategies to provide our clients with a range of investments that will most appropriately allocate each individual client’s assets across four distinct categories:

  • Security Investments — These investments provide for immediate liquidity with low risk. We manage significant bond portfolios made up primarily of investment grade bonds as a way to generate a secure stream of income for our clients.
  • Defensive Strategies — We have developed a special expertise in these investments, which are designed to deliver higher returns than those available through security investments while preserving capital better than traditional equity strategies.
  • Traditional Equities — Through a range of strategies we give clients exposure to a wide spectrum of equity investing, including large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, growth, value, domestic and international.  We invest in companies with strong fundamentals and that meet our criteria as well as utilize best-of-breed managers with strong track records.
  • Private Investments — These are less liquid investments that are expected to yield a higher return than our other investment categories. While not suitable for all clients, they represent a means of diversifying, but only where they are appropriate for a client’s strategy.

An important part of our client-centric approach is the commitment to keep our clients well informed about the investment environment which we are both navigating. Our Quarterly Reports to Investors and other Insights help us fulfill that commitment and have become valuable resources for our clients.