We believe that easing the burden of wealth administration is fundamental to a client’s ability to pursue a deeper, more enriched life. That explains why many of our clients trust us with much more than wealth management. As true wealth life advisors, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the client’s tax situation, insurance requirements, and philanthropic desires, among other things. We have built a team with formal backgrounds in the legal, accounting, banking, and insurance professions to ensure that we understand all our clients’ financial needs.

In addition, we also draw upon a deep network of seasoned outside professionals in these fields when necessary, to ensure that our clients’ special needs and challenges are resolved. But importantly, clients who wish to involve us in these matters appreciate our proven ability to work collaboratively with their other trusted advisors—attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, and other advisors/consultants that is always a feature of a life of wealth.

Our wealth administration services include:

  • Estate planning and strategy development
  • Family wealth planning and wealth transfer guidance
  • Real estate advisory and mortgage procurement
  • Accounting and taxation counsel
  • Insurance advisory and procurement
  • Philanthropic planning

It is never our intention to replace your other advisors, but to work with them to make living a life of wealth easier.




Multi-Generational Family Wealth Planning

Supporting multi-generational families starts with understanding the family’s history and using that as a basis for what will support generations of the family to come. Many of our clients have family foundations where members of the family come together to make decisions on how to philanthropically distribute a portion of their wealth. We have developed solutions on family governance to support and foster communication across households as well as family wealth education services to make sure each generation understands the responsibilities of wealth.

Foundations, Endowments, & Charitable Trusts

Over the years, we have developed special expertise in working with fiduciaries and managers to establish realistic, verifiable goals for many of these entities. We also provide management and oversight to ensure that the goals are met.

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