Wealth, both liquid and illiquid, brings with it an administrative burden. Its tracking, preservation, transfer and taxation are all critical concerns to individual investors. Our solution is to provide our clients with a “family office” environment. Our professionals have formal backgrounds in accounting, taxation, law, life insurance and estate planning. We also have decades of experience in facilitating money transfers and sophisticated information collection and retrieval. In addition, FLI draws upon a network of legal, accounting, banking and insurance colleagues to ensure that our clients’ special needs, problems and challenges are resolved. This unique array of services allows our clients to enjoy their personal and business lives with considerable peace of mind.

We provide assistance with:

  • Facilitation of banking relationships, money transfers and the appropriate reconciliation and record keeping
  • Accounting and taxation advice and referral
  • Estate planning
  • Liquification and administration of low-cost basis stock
  • Real estate advisory services, including mortgage procurement and assistance in acquiring and disposing of properties
  • Financial education of the next generation
  • Insurance evaluation and acquisition
  • Dispositions of family or closely held businesses
  • Special family situations

We do not replace your lawyer, accountant or insurance broker. Our objective is to maximize your results and reduce your burden by being a critical member of your team of professional advisors.