Hedged Growth, Dividend Growth, and Multi-Strategy Investments

We provide our clients with access to defensive investment strategies, some proprietary and some utilizing outside managers. These investments give our clients exposure to equity markets while being somewhat hedged against severe market downturns. These services permit our clients to enjoy less volatility than typical of traditional equity markets while attempting to achieve investment gains better than those obtained in bonds and absolute return strategies.

Our Dividend Growth Strategy is a proprietary defensive equity strategy. It features larger capitalization companies with higher dividend yield than the S&P 500 Index and appreciation potential from a solid stream of both dividend and earnings growth. These companies are financially strong, have shareholder-friendly managements and, on average, have increased their dividends every year for more than 20 years. This strategy is offered through individual client accounts managed by FLI and held at an independent broker-dealer, which provides both liquidity and transparency. It is our belief that large companies that pay higher dividends than the typical company provide some mitigation from market volatility.